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Peak Reduction Program
Enroll in the Peak Reduction Program, reduce your energy use, and get paid to participate!
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Receive up to a $40 incentive every year by enrolling in the Residential Peak Reduction Program.

This program provides your household with the unique opportunity to promote energy reliability for all Appalachian Power customers, all while earning extra money of your own!

When you enroll in the Peak Reduction Program, a small load management device is installed near your outside central air conditioning unit. During a very limited number of peak demand events, which occur only on the hottest days of summer, Appalachian Power will activate this device to cycle your air conditioner's compressor on and off in 15-minute intervals. While activated, your air conditioning system's fan will continue to circulate room temperature air through the ductwork during the off cycles. Events will have minimal impact on the temperature of your home and most participants do not notice a change.

You'll receive:

  • Up to $40 per year ($8 for each month you are enrolled during the months of May through September) for each central cooling unit participating in the program. This yearly incentive is paid to you at the end of October, after the summer cooling season ends.
  • A program load management device installed near your outside central air conditioner. There is no cost for the device and installation. You do not need to be home at the time of installation.

To qualify:

  • You must be an active Residential Appalachian Power customer in Virginia.
  • Your home must have central air conditioning in good working condition. Window and wall air conditioning units do not qualify for the program.
  • You must own your home or have the property owner's permission to participate.
  • Participation is limited to the specified coverage area.

If your AC unit already has a device installed, you do not need to re-enroll. To change your participation, please contact us at 888-261-4567.

Before you enroll, please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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