Appalachian Power's Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT) Program is a program where you can get rewarded just by enrolling your thermostat. When you enroll, Appalachian Power will automatically adjust the thermostat's cooling setpoint up a few degrees on peak days when energy consumption is high on very hot summer days. This helps reduce demand and increase service reliability.
  • Cannot be a current Appalachian Power Peak Reduction participant.
  • Customers who enroll in the BYOT program will receive a one-time enrollment incentive of $50.
  • A second incentive up to $25 will be mailed at the end of October totaling $5 per month of participation (May through September).
  • Peak events can occur Monday through Friday between noon and 8pm on the hottest days of summer. No events will take place on weekends or holidays. The average event lasts 2-3 hours and will not exceed 6 hours. There is a maximum of 15 non-emergency peak events each summer season.
  • You will always have control of your thermostat and can change any setting at any time.

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Already have a smart thermostat? Enroll your existing thermostat in the Bring Your Own Thermostat Program. Your device must be registered with the manufacturer to be eligible.
Some restrictions apply.